This is the web site about the research group 
"IMP Telecommunications Lab".
We are a group of researchers from the Institute Mihailo Pupin, in the field of :
* computer networks (wireless and optical);
* embedded system design;
* bioinformatica and medical image processing.
We are interested in the international cooperation in research in the European framework FP7.
Please feel free to look around. This web site contains the information of our people, our research and our current projects.

Our group is specialized in:
* Wireless networks:
    - physical and medium access control modeling 
    -  PAN, LAN and MAN networks
    -  network dimensioning and performance evaluation
    -  cell radio systems;
* Optical networks:
   - optical transmission
   - optical transparency and switching methods
   - technologies for access, metro and core
   - control planes for optical networks
   - network planning and traffic engineering in optical networks
* General networking concepts:
   - IP networks, architectures and technologies
   - IP protocols
   - connection oriented networking, QoS, GMPLS, MPLS
   - Next Generation Networks
* Embedded system design:
   - reconfigurable computing
   - design automation for embedded systems
   - application-specific processors design
* Bioinformatica and medical image processing;