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IMP-Telecommunications is a recognized Southeast European embedded systems design house. As a successor of Michael Pupin Institute’s Telecommunications Lab., it leverages more than 20 years of experience in designing customized DSP-based embedded solutions. During all these years the company remained at the cutting edge of technology, providing innovative solutions to its customers.
Our design team is fully capable to encompass complete embedded systems’ design cycle, transforming product idea into production-ready prototype. State-of-the-art development processes and highest quality standards we are applying result in consistent performance and distinctive products.
Following list provides a brief overview of our expertise:

System Design:

  • Complete turnkey design
  • Requirements analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Embedded systems architecture
  • Hardware/software co-design
  • Object-oriented design
  • Design space optimization

DSP Algorithms Development:

  • Filtering & frequency domain analysis
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Wireless & copper physical layer implementations
  • Broadband communications
  • Multirate processing & SDR
  • Sound/speech processing
  • Image & video processing
  • DSP/FPGA implementation

Software Design:

  • Algorithms development
  • Boot loaders
  • Device drivers
  • RTOS design/development
  • Communication stacks
  • Embedded Linux
  • GUI design
  • Board support packages

Hardware Design:

  • Analog design
  • High-speed digital design
  • RF & microwave design
  • MCU/DSP design
  • FPGA/CPLD design
  • Power circuits design
  • Power management
  • User interface design
  • System interfaces (incl. optical & high-speed)

Microwave/EMC Design:

  • Advanced computer modeling
  • Software development for EM and circuit analysis
  • EMC-aware hardware design
  • EMC debugging of intersystem and intrasystem problems
  • Microwave passive components design
  • Antenna design
  • Signal processing techniques in EM analysis
  • EM environmental effects analysis

PCB Design:

  • Rigid, Flex and Rigid/Flex Boards
  • Multilayer Boards
  • Buried/Blind Vias
  • HDI Design
  • High-Speed & Microwave Design
  • Design for EMC
  • Design for Manufacturing & Testing
  • Quickturn & high volume PCB manufacturing
  • European & Far East PCB suppliers

Industrial Design:

  • Design with respect to functional, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of the product
  • Conceptual design ideas
  • Selection of materials
  • Visualization
  • 3D and physical modeling
  • Mechanical design issues solving
  • Production of industrial prototypes

Market expertise:

  • Public Security
  • Defense
  • Power Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Industrial automation
  • Broadcast Video
  • Entertainment/Gaming

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IMP-Telecommunications is an IT Mark certified company.

The IT Mark quality certificate received from ESI center in Bulgaria confirms the maturity of the business model, the state of the information security practices and the implementation of project management processes according to the CMMI Maturity Level 2 model for development.

IMP-Telecommunications is a member of Texas Instruments (TI) EMEA Design House Network of well-established and respected companies.


The TI EMEA Design House and Developer Network is a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer system-level design services and technical support for industrial, consumer, medical, aerospace/military, telecommunications, computing, and other applications.

IMP-Telecommunications is a member of the Serbian ICT industry cluster.





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