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Distributed Display Management System

OmniSight is a complete solution for presenting graphical information on high-resolution displays in control rooms of complex systems.

OmniSight enables graphical view of controlled system’s state, viewing and controlling applications on remote computers, monitoring various system variables, and displaying video coming from local or remote sources. OmniSight features very simple and intuitive user interface, so there is no need for special training of employees working on the system. Possibilities of combining graphical contents are practically unlimited, so screen appearance is fully adaptive to actual system state or operator’s affinity.

OmniSight display management system features open SCADA interface which enables metamorphosis of graphical appearance following change in state of controlled system. For example, in case of a failure in some part of the controlled system, OmniSight can automatically activate specific view that includes detailed schematic of damaged part, detailed view of critical variables, history of alarms, even real-time video of damaged part if there is a camera installed at that part of system.

OmniSight is a distributed system. OmniSight graphical server, a standard personal computer, prepares data and sends them to remote graphical units (RGU). RGUs process data and display them on local monitors. All system components are connected via standard Ethernet network, so there are no inherent constraints to spatial configuration of displays and screens. It’s very simple to put separate screen or monitor inside the same room, in the next room, in the passage, in the meeting room, in the other control center or on location 200 kilometers away, without restrictions.

OmniSight system features:

  • Unlimited resolution of virtual desktop area;
  • No inherent restrictions in number of graphical sources;
  • Virtually unlimited number of display units;
  • Unrestricted arranging of graphical layout;
  • No limits in spatial configuration of displays and screens.

Graphical sources:

  • Applications on remote computers (VNC, RDP, X-Windows protocols);
  • Video signal from OmniSight VDE unit (composite, S-video);
  • Video signal form IP cameras.

Operator’s Console:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Real view of displays’ states;
  • One button for reconfiguring graphical sources;
  • Local zoom monitor;
  • Creating and recalling graphical layouts.


  • 24/7 availability;
  • Redundant OmniSight server;
  • Simple robust RGU units;
  • Support for scenarios in case of partially system failure.


  • Easy installation of new RGU units;
  • Adding new OmniSight servers to improve performance;
  • Clients can work on system concurrently.

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