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TZ-600 Multiplex Equipment for Teleprotection Signal Transmission

Basic features:

  • Transmission of up to 8 independent teleprotection command signals
  • Transmission of remote control system commands
  • Transmission of digital data channels for computer connection
  • Transmission of service voice channel

The advantages of digital integrated networks have led to the introduction of digital systems into the telecommunication systems in the electric power industry. Optical transmission systems are especially suitable for use in the electric power industry because of their immunity to electromagnetic interference and possibility for high-speed data transmission. The protection of power lines is one among the areas whose performances have benefited considerably from optical transmission.

Messages transmitted by the TZ-600 equipment may be used for protection schemes with blocking, direct tripping or permissive tripping.

The number of subchannels and their binary transfer rate depend on the application of equipment and transmission path:

  • This equipment can transmit up to 8 independent teleprotection command signals, 1 digital data subchannel and 1 service telephone subchannel over a monomode optical cable.
  • The equipment is designed to allow also the transmission of teleprotection signals over a standard 64kb/s channel (over standard ITU-T interfaces such as G.703, V.11, V.36, X.21, X.24 and X.27) or over 2 Mb/s signals (E1).
  • In addition to the mentioned transmission paths, the equipment is designed to support distance protection signals over power line carrier (PLC) devices.

Download full TZ-600 datasheet

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